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Welcome to Your #1 source of Netflix information, tips and all you need to know to get most out of this awesome media streaming service. We are all about Netflix and we truly want everyone who has access to Internet to try this great online media platform. Scroll down to read how to get most out of Netflix for you device, in which countries you can download the app and for example how to watch Netflix offline. It will change your life as a couch potato!

Download the Netflix app Smartphone, Tablet and TV! Free Netflix app for iPad, iPhone, Android, TV, iOS Mac and Windows 10. Run the app full screen on your PC or stream this greatest movie and series to your TV. Download the Netflix app for your device here! With use of the Netflix app you can watch thousands of series and movies where ever, whenever you want. Downloading the app is easy! Installing the app is easy! Anyone can do it! Nothing will hold you back to watch your favorite show! Read all about it here before you start watching anything you like with the Netflix App.

What is Netflix?

It’s great! Netflix is THE media platform where you can watch what you want, where you want and whenever you want. Netflix let’s you watch, share, comment and discover many movies and TV shows. And because Netflix is smart it gives you great suggestions what to watch next: with Netflix you discover more and more each time!

For instance lay back and chill with series such as Narco’s, the Fall, Breaking Bad, Black Mirros, Suits, House of Cards or Modern Family. Netflix has a huge choice of documentaries for anyone. Tailored to your preferences, for young and old movie fanatics. Netflix offers you the chance to stream thousands of movies and series in HD. This service is available on all modern devices by use of the app or by streaming from the website. But of course, the app is more easy to use and user friendly.

On which devices is the Netflix app available?

The Netflix app let’s you watch Netflix on most devices with an internet connection. Download the movie or serie of choice by selecting the media to your smartphone or tablet to watch offline.

There is a variety of Netflix app for the different kinds of devices. For instance, watch Netflix on all modern smart-TV by use of the app. Or by use of your favorite game console such as X-box, PlayStation or Nintendo! Of course Apple-TV, Chromecast, Blu-Ray players and your personal computer are used to watch Netflix! By use of the app you can watch movies and series on your tablet or smartphone like Android, iPhone and Windows phone. You can even stream Netflix on multiple devices at the same time, however in most countries you need an additional account that will set you back for about the price of a coffee per month.
Click one of the icons to download the Netflix app for all of your devices!

Where is Netflix App available?

When you sign up with Netflix you can watch Netflix anywhere worldwide. All movie or serie. Anywhere with an internet connection. By use of the Netflix app or by streaming online you can watch the fast choice Netflix content in more than a 130 countries! And with more and more countries added Netflix is available almost anywhere in the world! Although the content may vary per location, you will always be indulged in the best movies and shows available.

The app is available in English, Arabic, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Chinese, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Traditional Chinese, Turkish

Hence, the United States, Mexico, United Kingdom, Norway, France, South Africa, Australia, Brazil and Spain. Content can vary per country and is update with domestic movies and shows. Because of this vast variety of choice, content can vary per region. If you would like to watch the same content all over the world you can find a quick-run on the right!

Watch the Netflix App Offline

It’s not going to get better than this, watch all your Netflix content offline! Anywhere you want at any time without an Internet connection. Okay, you want to have a WiFi connection first to download your desirable content. Especially at cases when you or your children might get bored, this Netflix Feature is going to safe your life! Long road trip ahead? Download a season of your favorite TV-show. Taking a cheap flight? Download a movie! Netflix offline is thé number 1 time killer! Although reading a book is definitely a good time killer too!

Yet, this will change the way you have killed time for sure. The Netflix App is battery friendly: you can easily watch 6 to 8 hours of content! Just make sure you download by WiFi to not go over you data limit! Please find more information about Netflix offline here!

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Most of all, it will enhance your Netflix experience!

Top 10 Netflix App Series

Top 10 Netflix App Movies

1.   Narcos
3.   Fargo
8.   The Fall

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