Netflix Offline

Netflix Offline – Get more out of your Netflix App Account here!

Netflix Offline

Watch all series and movies on Netflix Offline! What a time to be alive! Please read here everything you need to know about Netflix Offline. In brief, you can now download your favorite series and movies by use of the Netflix App. It’s that easy! Pick, download, and watch offline in the bus, train, car, camping or on the toilet at work. Any place without an Internet connection.

We have waited for years and years for this moment. Watch Netflix Offline! Now you can stream a large amount of Netflix Series offline and Netflix Movies offline! Anywhere you want, anytime you want, without an Internet connection. Just download the serie or movie of choice and start watching Netflix Offline! Watch Netflix offline in an airplane! Watch Netflix offline while fishing, while being in the movie theatre or any other place you normally couldn’t watch your favorite show on the Netflix App! Game on!

How does Netflix Offline works – 3 step walk-though

All Netflix originals are open to download and to watch offline. In addition Netflix Offline contains a huge (HUGE!) amount of awesome material to watch without Internet. Okay, you need Internet to download the content first of course, but when you did you are good to go!

First, download the Netflix App on your device of choice. You cannot download a movie or series on your laptop, computer or Mac. This for obvious reasons and less obvious reasons. Nevertheless, when you are offline this is most often on your smartphone or Tablet anyway. Yet if you have the Netflix App installed on your Windows Laptop or Computer you can

If you haven’t downloaded the Netflix App yet on your iPhone, Android Phone or tablet, shame on you. Download the Netflix App now! Otherwise you cannot use the offline feature.  Make sure you have updated the Netflix app to use the offline feature. If outdated, it doesn’t show the download icon when choosing the movie or series you would like to watch offline.

Second, choose your movie or series to download with Netflix offline. When you have made your pick, a download icon appears. The download icon is an arrow pointing downwards. You’ll figure it out!

Third, go anywhere you want and watch the movie or series of choice! It doesn’t get more easy than this!

Top 10 Netflix Series

Top 10 Netflix Movies

1.   Narcos
3.   Fargo
8.   The Fall

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