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Download now the Netflix app for your tablet, TV or smartphone! Free Netflix app for iPad, iPhone, Android, TV, ios Mac and Windows 8. Run the app full screen on your PC. Get the Netflix app for your device here! With use of the Netflix app you can watch thousands of series and movies where ever, whenever you want. Downloading and installing the app is very easy! Anyone can do it! Nothing will hold you back to watch your favorite show!

What is Netflix?

It’s just great! Netflix is THE media platform where you can watch what you want, where you want and whenever you want. For example you can lay back and relax with series such as Narco’s, Orange is the new Black, Breaking Bad, Suits, House of Cards or Modern Family. Netflix offers a great amount of interesting documentaries of any kind. Specially tailored to what you like, for young and old movie fanatics. Netflix offers you the opportunity to stream thousands of movies and series in HD quality. This service is available on almost all devices by use of the Netflix app or by streaming directly from the website.

On which devices

With the Netflix app you can watch Netflix on any device with an internet connection. There is a variety of Netflix apps for the different sorts of devices. For example, you can watch Netflix on almost any modern smart-TV by use of the Netflix app or by use of your favorite game console such as X-box, PlayStation or Nintendo! Of course also by Apple-TV, Chromecast, Blu-Ray players and your personal computer! By use of the Netflix app you can watch content on your tablet or smartphone like Android, iPhone and Windows phone. You can even stream Netflix on multiple devices at the same time.
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Check out out Netflix Content List! 

You know the struggle.. Everybody knows the struggle.. Everybody who has a Netflix account. You want to watch some great series or movie on Netflix and before you know it you have spent 30min scrolling through all the great and endless stream of Netflix content. There is just too much to check out and it’s all great. What to watch?

At Netflix-app we help you out countering this Western luxury problem. We have rated most of the awesome Netflix content for your convenience. You have better stuff to do right?

Hit the button below and you will find all our Netflix content lists. All the Netflix series, Netflix Movies and Netflix Documentaries. Documented by genre, by rating, by alphabet and of course our “what not to watch top 50”, perfect for a Netflix and chill evening.

Where is Netflix available?

When you sign up with Netflix you can basically watch Netflix anywhere you want worldwide. Any show anywhere with an internet connection. By use of the Netflix app or by streaming online you can watch Netflix content in more then 130 countries! for example the United States, Mexico, United Kingdom, Brazil and the Netherlands. Content can vary per country and is updated regularly with domestic movies and shows. Because of this vast variety of choice content can vary per region. If you would like to watch the same content all over the world you can find a quick-run below!

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Top 10 Netflix Series

Top 10 Netflix Movies

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