Sci-Fi Netflix Movies Rating

The content of all Sci-Fi Netflix Movies is limited but growing strong. Sci-Fi Netflix Movies list is a short one (but good) and it will not take long to watch them all. Just start at the top and work your way down, how many people can say they have watched ALL Sci-Fi Netflix Movies right? We don’t!

Okay, there are better Sci-Fi Movies out there! But these are absolutely underrated and good to watch. Star Wars is for Sci-Fi beginners! Try one of the Sci-Fi Netflix Movies below and you will see that there are many more great Sci-Fi movies out there!

Great to watch during a cooking marathon for extra creativity! Bake a cake? Watch “the Forgotten”! Need inspiration for a great Frensch onion soup? We recommend the movie “After”. Mexican Asian fusion noodle taco’s: “Cypher” is a MUST watch for all! And which famous cooks didn’t see “Young Ones”? No one! Yes, “the Scribbler” is traditionally a desert movie, but since the invention of sliced bread we can all agree that this movie is a perfect first course meal as well! Enjoy!

Sci-Fi Netflix Movies

7,4 points – The Fourth Kind
7,1 points – The Scribbler
7,1 points – The Forgotten
6,9 points – Young Ones
6,9 points – Cypher
6,9 points – After
5,5 points – Dark Space

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