Watch these series by the Netflix app for MAC

The Netflix app for MAC

Netflix is the world leading streaming service for thousands movies and series. You can watch House of Cards, Mad men, Breaking Bad and the Hunger Games and many more. When you have subscribed yourself for Netflix you can watch Netflix everywhere all the time. You need to have a streaming device and WIFI or an internet cable. If you want to watch Netflix on your Mac or Macbook you can simply go to the website and start watching after logging in/ signing up.

To stream Netflix on your Mac or Macbook you will have to install Silverlight. You can do this easily by following the instructions below:

1. Hit the Netflix title you want to see.
2. Now press the install now button which will appear.
3. Press save file.
4. Double click in downloads the downloaded Silverlight.dmg file
5. Then open Silverlight.pkg
6. Hit in your popup menu the option: Open.
7. You the just have to follow the instructions of Silverlight.

Currently the Netflix app for MAC is not available. If you have an iPhone or a iPad you can download the Netflix app on the webpage netflix app for iPhone or iPad.

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